Seeds Into Forests

Manaaki Taiao

Red Tree Manaaki Taiao, “Caring for our Beautiful Land” speaks to the vision that we hold for a thriving Aotearoa New Zealand. The wellbeing of the land and the wellbeing of people are inherently interconnected. It is our mission to create regenerative ecologies through nature-based solutions, growing seeds into forests and forests into legacy.

As a result of encountering particularly challenging sites requiring restoration, we have spent the last five years developing the Enviroblanket® technology to address challenging conditions and deliver successful outcomes.

Imagine a forest floor, thick with organic matter and biological life. Once a seed falls into this environment, it has everything around it that it needs to grow: nutrients, connections, water, and just the right amount of sunlight. Understanding seed psychology and ecosystem dynamics is crucial to providing the necessary ingredients upfront so that nature can take over.

The Enviroblanket® incorporates these key ingredients early in the restoration process, mimicking a forest floor environment, so that nature can use it's own self-design capacity to thrive.