We provide unique solutions to environmental challenges in Aotearoa New Zealand

Manaaki Taiao

Red Tree Manaaki Taiao, "Caring for our Beautiful Land”, speaks to the vision that we hold for Aotearoa New Zealand. We believe that the wellbeing of the land and the wellbeing of people are inherently interconnected and it is our mission to create regenerative ecologies, growing seeds into forests and forests into legacy.

As New Zealanders, we treasure our taonga. Our national identity is rooted in exploring our native bush, recognizing our native birds and swimming in our rivers. It is striking at the heart of our nationhood to see such degradation in our unique natural environment. 



Over the past four years, the Enviroblanket® technology has developed from proof of concept on a small scale in the Christchurch earthquake land remediation, to proof of process in the post-quake Kaikoura transport corridor restoration. This innovative technology has proven itself effective in a wide variety of environmental zones including wetlands, riparian margins and coastal forests.