We provide an innovative approach to deal with the unique ecological challenges facing our environment

Red Tree Provides Solutions

Clean rivers, clear waters, and green spaces are three things New Zealanders want to see as part of their future. Red Tree is pioneering emerging compost-based land remediation strategies that are finding their way into the environmental toolbox of our land.


Three major environmental challenges facing our reality today; nitrate runoff, land erosion and sedimentation, as well as degradation of our natural ecologies. Miraculously, through biomimicry, the seeded Enviroblanket is able to remediate all these problems with one simple process.


How does this work you may ask? Imagine the rich dark matting of the forest floor; this almost unnoticed blanket, incredibly abundant in microbial life, is the very medium from which new plant-life springs forth and the elements of earth, air, and water find a fertile balance. The Enviroblanket harnesses natures succession at the micro-scale by providing ideal conditions for seed germination. Its blended structure acts as a sponge, filtering water, and creates a binding matrix needed for stability.


The Enviroblanket can be designed specifically to meet requirements of individual sites, accommodating variance in aspect, slope, climatic region, purpose, and budget. The applicator has a 50 meter lift and a 200 meter reach from any road way. Each batch of product is certified weed and pathogen free which makes the Enviroblanket, and its seeded technology, incredibly safe and versatile.


This organic innovation involves a change of thinking; from isolated and traditional, to a more interconnected solution supported by science and technology. We are now able to do what mother nature has been doing very well on her own.