About Red Tree


Red Tree Manaaki Taiao, "Caring for our Beautiful Land”, speaks to the vision that we hold for our country. It is our belief that the well-being of the land and the well-being of its people are inherently interconnected. At a deep intrinsic level, these values continue to be an underlying motivation in what we do.


Red Tree Environmental Solutions Limited is a Canterbury based company leading in the development and commercial application of sustainable ecology-based methods, particularly the Enviroblanket. This method, through the science of bio mimicry, coupled with a modern application system, provides a new framework for land stabilisation, sediment control, and native forest regeneration.




Having planted and maintained over two hundred and fifty thousand native plants over the past fourteen years, now builds upon the success of known and tested native restoration methods with ongoing field research, case studies and industry innovation.

Applying in-house case study research, coupled with 20+ years of direct on-site experience in ecological restoration and revegetation, we provide new cost-effective methods that heal our environment. Red Tree provides thorough professional engagement at all levels of its operation, from its research and development, to its contract management, through to design and implementation. 


Currently, Red Tree is working with Government and Civic clients providing services in indigenous plant establishment, land stabilisation, and sediment control. Trials undertaken to ascertain the viability of the Enviroblanket in the Red Zone have progressed to commercial applications of scale and steep gradients. We believe this green technology has enormous versatility and potential to contribute to both environmental and public welfare in New Zealand.