Red Tree is now utilizing advanced drone technology to assist in the Enviroblanket® process from the conceptual design phase, to installation, and then throughout the monitoring and maintenance period. 

Using intelligent drone technology allows us to read the land, giving huge insight into the geology, ecological health, and diversity of a site.
Every restoration project has its own challenges, and this technology allows us to fine tune species selection, hydration requirements and nutrient inputs.

Building on Red Tree’s success with direct seeding natives, the drones have the capacity to disperse seeds over broad areas with poor access and difficult terrain. Drones are gentle with Nature because they minimize ground impact and reduce emissions. Drones allow us to act quickly in revegetating disturbed sites, and the closer you can get to a disrupted interface, the greater the regenerative opportunity. This is so essential as we face an increase in climate-related events.

The technology is also transformational in the monitoring and maintenance phase. Gathering multi-spectral data from a bird’s eye view, drones provide high statistical feedback; allowing for accurate mapping of hydration, pest monitoring, fertilizer application, and weed control. This results in greater efficiencies in the application of time and resources.

Continued innovation into the Enviroblanket® process allows us to increase capacity, scale, access, efficiencies; therefore, providing more sustainable outcomes.

Red Tree’s Fleet

Multispectral Drone

The Multispectral Drone is capable of reading the landscape through non-visible light bands within the electromagnetic spectrum. Photogrammetry is used to amalgamate data into a usable form such as photosynthesis production, soil hydration, plant health, and more. 



Thermal Imaging Drone

The Thermal Imaging Drone is used predominately for pest monitoring, detecting plant health, and reading soil temperatures. This drone adds another layer of data into the Enviroblanket® toolbox to assist germination/seeding timings and pest control operations.



Agricultural Drone

The Agricultural Drone is used for aerial seeding and spraying. Capable of covering over a hectare in ten minutes, this drone is perfect for low-impact operations, projects within high-risk zones or with limited access, and significantly increasing efficiencies.


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