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Directly seeding eco-sourced natives into an environment conducive to their success ignites rapid plant growth and ecology establishment. Like humans, plants naturally grow more successfully and with greater resilience in supportive and diverse communities. Biodiversity is key to sustainability and the implications of rapidly establishing native ecology contributes to sustainable industrial practices such as farming and forestry.

Our Enviroblanket® technology mimics Nature’s succession at the micro-scale by providing ideal conditions for seed germination. Imagine the rich, dark matting of the forest floor; this almost unnoticed blanket, incredibly abundant in seeds and microbial life, is the very medium from which new plant-life springs forth. 

The profile of the Enviroblanket® reveals layers of species and growth rates; taproots penetrating deep into the earth, fibrous roots binding the surface, nurse crops protecting and supporting slow-growing natives and canopy species emerging above, creating an umbrella for life below. This collaborative matrix stabilizes the land, prevents erosion and sedimentation, protects waterways, creates habitats for birds and insects and sequesters carbon.


The Enviroblanket® is founded upon the principles of self-organization and biomimicry. The design process is optimized by selecting for the best amalgamation of microbes, plants and animals that are best adapted or respond best to environmental conditions.

Installation of the Enviroblanket® can be achieved mechanically, pneumatically, aerially or by hand depending on ecological factors such as topography, climate, geology, elevation and desired outcomes.

Budget and availability of local resources are also considered.

A seed mix containing native cover crop species and custom native plant species is directly broadcast on site. Seeds in the Enviroblanket® germinate in situ, which eliminates the nursery process and the time and cost associated. This means the Enviroblanket® can be installed 1-2 years earlier than traditional planting projects. 

Environmental Benefits

The Enviroblanket® establishes permanent vegetative cover, stabilizes the land, prevents erosion and sedimentation, protects waterways, creates habitats for birds and insects and sequesters carbon. The technology is applicable in a range of ecological regions and provides a unique framework for environmental restoration on a large scale, at a reduced cost, with less inputs and the ability to access high-risk or remote areas.




  • Reduces splash erosion, stormwater runoff and uniformly disperses sheet flow
  • Slows runoff velocity and the corresponding potential for soil erosion
  • Establishes permanent vegetation on a wide variety of soil profiles, gradients and ecological regions
  • The rapid establishment of native species is also effective in sequestering carbon
  • Time and cost effective against traditional revegetation methods and can be installed in conjunction to hybridize the two systems
  • Can establish vegetation in difficult areas that may require rope or aerial access
  • Has a high water retention capacity (the engineered substrate absorbs five times its weight in water)
  • Inoculation increases biogeochemistry health


Every Enviroblanket® installation is prescriptive and designed to meet project goals, allocated budget and biotic/abiotic factors. The Enviroblanket® can be designed specifically to meet the requirements of individual sites accommodating variance in slope, ecological region, purpose and budget.

The Enviroblanket® must not be applied in areas of concentrated storm water runoff flow, including channels and drainage ditches. Additional slope support and engineering measures are required for Enviroblanket® installation on slopes greater than 2:1 grades.

Transformational Change

The Enviroblanket® is transformational in that it can respond to crises such as climate change and natural disaster within one year, beginning the remediation process in situ and in harmony with natural growth cycles. In contrast, nursery stock for standard revegetation can take between one and three years to be ready to go in the ground.

Photo Below: Brenchley Enviroblanket® in contrast to traditional methods, 3 years post-installation.

Photo Below: Germination 10 months post-installation.

Photo Below: Curletts Road Enviroblanket® 2 years post-installation.

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