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Our Enviroblanket® is an environmental remediation tool that effectively reduces storm water runoff and establishes permanent vegetative cover on
post-construction soil surfaces.
Enviroblanket® application is intended for use where:
• Site work activities have ceased
• Permanent vegetation is required
• Reduction of sedimentation and pollutant loading in waterways are required
• Control of general surface erosion on disturbed ground is required
• Reduction and regulation of water volume entering storm water 
• Collection points or retention ponds are necessary

Design Parameters and Specifications

The Enviroblanket® can be designed specifically to meet the requirements of individual sites accommodating variance in slope, ecological region, purpose and budget. The applicator has a fifty meter lift and two hundred meter reach from any roadway and each batch is certified weed and pathogen free NZ Standard 4554.


Enviroblanket is applied at a depth ranging from 25mm to 100mm depending on land gradient, what rainfall volumes are expected, and what types of permanent vegetation communities are required.

Seeded Enviroblanket slows runoff velocity and corresponding potential for soil erosion. Native and exotic cover crop seed are either injected into the compost as it is applied or custom mixes hand broadcast to respond to site specific conditions. Cover crop species are sown pneumatically when the blanket is applied.



  • reduces splash erosion, storm water runoff and disperses sheet flow
  • establishes permanent vegetation on a wide variety of soil profiles and gradients
  • time and cost effective against traditional revegetation methods and can be applied in conjunction to hybridize the two systems
  • can establish vegetation in difficult areas requiring rope access
  • high water holding capacity, the engineered compost absorbs five times its weight in water, and disperses sheet flow


Environmental Benefits

Enviroblanket moisture retention helps protect soil from wind erosion, moisture loss during dry spells and keeps moisture available for plant establishment and growth.

Enviroblanket organic matter provides high nutrient and water retention providing the ideal germination conditions for seedlings.

Enviroblanket plays an effective part in the reduction of storm water runoff, sedimentation, and capture of pollutants preventing toxicity entering into our waterways.

Enviroblanket can be inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi beneficial to plant establishment.


Each Enviroblanket installation is custom designed to meet project goals, provided Enviroblanket specified installation and maintenance requirements are followed. Red Tree provides a quality assurance guarantee. Any areas that fail to meet specified performance standards will be evaluated and remediated. Enviroblanket may not be applied in areas of concentrated storm water runoff flow, including channels and drainage ditches. Additional slope support and engineering measures are required for Enviroblanket installation on slopes greater than 2:1 grades.


Red Tree Environmental Solutions in partnership with Canterbury Wood Chip use a specialised semi-trailer unit with a 170 horsepower pneumatic pump capable of moving 20m3 of material out a 200m long hose with up to approximately 60m vertical lift. We have trailed and developed a custom compost mix and methodology for both manual and automatic seeding via a calibrated seed doser to successfully establish both cover crops and native seed mixes.

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