About Us

Andrew and Michelle

“If we are going to get on top of some of the environmental challenges, we are facing we need to begin to get a better appreciation of what we are working with"

For Andrew the journey started as a boy watching the drill on the back of the tractor as the barley in spring was pushed into the ground, and for Michelle it started as a child with the refusal to believe that the pollution of the river was necessary in order that the industry of the town succeed.

Our journey together has been one of awe and wonder through the pioneering beginnings of the restoration movement in 2000, until today at the leading edge of direct native seeding technology with the development of the Enviroblanket.

These questions have really come to the forefront.

Nature is the best regenerator of all so how does nature do it?
How can we recreate this? 

From a personal perspective our life inquiries and observation of nature has been well rewarded with nature giving up some of her intelligence and our application and development of this so far to remediate the earthquake damaged land of Christchurch and Kaikōura.

The future perhaps will be a more collective journey as Climate Change faces us all and technology continues to harness human intelligence and natures regeneration cycles are proven to provide the power.

Our Process and Background

Red Tree Environmental Solutions Limited is a Canterbury based company leading in the development and commercial application of science based ecological restoration technologies, namely the Enviroblanket®.


Through the science of biomimicry and coupled with prescriptive application methodologies, the Enviroblanket® provides a unique framework for native forest regeneration, land stabilisation, sediment control and carbon sequestration.

Over the past five years, the Enviroblanket® technology has developed from proof of concept on a small scale in the Christchurch earthquake land remediation, to proof of process in the post-quake Kaikōura transport corridor restoration. This innovative technology has proven itself effective in a wide variety of environmental zones including wetlands, riparian margins and coastal forests.


Having planted and maintained over three hundred and fifty thousand native plants over the past fourteen years, we are now building upon the success of known and tested native restoration methods, with ongoing field research and industry innovation.

In June 2017, Red Tree was engaged by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) to establish native plantings in the post-quake Christchurch Port Hills Red Zone. Regenerating native ecology and biodiversity on such desolate substrates and steep gradients was a tough brief. This challenged us as to how we could increase the odds of plant survival.

Under these circumstances, Red Tree began conducting research and development into the direct-seeding of native species and compost-based revegetation technologies. The Enviroblanket® development was underway.