Dry Forest Enviroblanket®

Adjacent to a traditionally planted area, a one hectare dry forest Enviroblanket® was applied in August 2019 around the perimeter of the Curletts Road Stormwater Detention Basin.

Cut Slope Land Stabilisation

A series of Enviroberm®’s and a pneumatically applied Enviroblanket® was our solution to stabilising the vertical cut faces and steep gradients above the Lyttelton Port.

Legacy Planting

Moved by the sculptural ribbon like topography, Red Tree’s in-house Landscape Designer allowed the plantings to accentuate the contour of the land and water course, creating corridors of visual passage.

Post-Earthquake Coastline Restoration

Red Tree specialises in using eco-sourced native seed in post-natural disaster ecological restoration projects and was engaged to undertake a combination of traditional planting and Enviroblanket® applications along the damaged coastline.

Post-Earthquake Native Revegetation

Scope of work for the post-quake landscape remediation involved the maintenance and management of 7.6 hectares of planted Port Hills Red Zone sites, in the rim locations of Governors Bay, Lyttelton and the hill suburbs through from Sumner to Cashmere.

Volcanic Rim Ecological Restoration

A land stabilization Enviroblanket® was applied pneumatically for rapid establishment of exotic grass species. Following on from the Enviroblanket® application, Red Tree was contracted by CCC to traditionally establish ~25,000 plants along Sumner Rd.

Wetland Enviroblanket®

Christchurch City Council contracted Red Tree to revegetate a six hectare section of Cashmere Valley Detention Basin. The newly created wetland required native vegetation to facilitate ecosystem services such as groundwater replenishment, sediment and nutrient retention, and water purification.

Motorway Landscaping

The Kerikeri bypass construction was a significant civic project, requiring high amenity value landscaping. This was one of Red Tree's largest standard revegetation projects to date, with over 60,000 plants going in the ground.